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Hello, world! And welcome to my dev blog!

My name is Rhombus, and I’m an indie game developer and composer (in my spare time). My game engine of choice is Game Maker Studio, and I’ve been using various versions of Game Maker for around a decade.

My current project is a rogue-lite called Ambience, which is in the intermediate stages of development (but things are moving pretty quickly!) It’s a heavy-duty remake of my first ever Game Maker game, so it has a long and quirky history, which I’ll be sure to talk about at some point down the track.

In the world of Ambience, only two things are for certain.

  1. You’ve escaped from a prison established by the brilliant scientist Foss.
  2. You have to survive. Somehow.

For a while now I’ve been hoping to set up a blog to broadcast my progress on Ambience, and as an opportunity to connect with the gamer and developer community as well. And now, finally with some spare time on my hands, we’re up and running! I’m also hoping to release a demo fairly soon, once I’ve stamped out the bugs and polished things up, and if all goes well it should be out in about a month (or possibly even sooner!) Stay tuned!

In the meantime, here’s a stunningly beautiful showcase of the combat system in Ambience, which also doubles as an accurate depiction of game development.

The vicious cycle of game development.
The vicious cycle of game development.

See you guys around.

~ Rhombus

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