The Concept of Ambience

Seeing that I’m currently developing a rogue-lite called Ambience, I figured I’d explain what the whole “Ambience” concept is about.

If you were to go outside today, what would you feel? Hot? Cold? Perhaps you’d end up soaking wet? That’s the Ambience of the outside Environment.

Now think of someone you know well. What are they like as a person? Friendly? Frigid? Rash and hot-tempered? That’s the Ambience of that person.

Of course, there’s no reason why the Ambiences of a Being and an Environment should remain totally separate. In fact, in the world of Ambience, they overlap quite significantly.

In the words of the game itself:

“In this world… all Beings are influenced by their Environment. And every Environment has its own, defining property, called an Ambience.”

And, not only are Beings influenced by their Environments… it applies the other way, too. Some Beings have such a strong Ambience that they can influence, or even completely change, the Ambience of their Environment.

It looks a bit like this:

Gif-003 2016-06-29 Ambience of Sun

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