The Renegades

Who are the Renegades?

In Ambience, the Renegades are a group of dissidents, currently in hiding from the scientist Foss and his Henchmen. Their aim is ultimately to overthrow Foss for good… but for the moment, they seem to lack both the means and the unity to do so.


Screen 001 2016-07-01 Vulcan beat up

  • He’s fiery, rash, and has a violent temper.
  • He is no respecter of persons. At all.
  • Loves everything about Zephyr.
  • Possesses the Ambience of Sun.


Screen 002 2016-07-01 Zephyr hello

  • She’s cool, calm, and collected, and completely dedicated to her cause.
  • Sometimes, though, she can be cold and a little detached from her teammates.
  • Hates everything about Vulcan.
  • Possesses the Ambience of Wind.


Screen 003 2016-07-01 Pontus MM mission

  • Harsh and unforgiving, he’s the leader of the Renegades.
  • He’s easily frustrated by his teammates’ antics, and frequently argues with Vulcan.
  • Possesses the Ambience of Rain.

And, of course, there’s…


What will you contribute to the Renegades? Will you be the catalyst that helps them unite and destroy Foss? Or will you let the team fall further into disarray and be captured by Henchmen?

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