Progress, Updates, and the Demo

Hello, everybody! Here’s a nice healthy text post for you all!

I’ve been making significant progress on Ambience over the past few days, and I’m finally proud to say that the Ambience demo will be released this Friday, July 8, 2016! I’ve been working on presskits, screenshots and a quick demo trailer, and they’ll all appear at some stage over the next few days as release approaches.

Here’s an overview of some of the features you can expect to see:

  • Procedurally generated dungeons.
  • The first four areas of the main storyline, including three boss battles.
  • A host of items and weapons to be used and equipped.
  • Customizable stat distributions, status afflictions, and shifts in Ambience (read: weather conditions).
  • A renegade band of moderately unlikable characters.
  • An automatic saving system – to make sure that every decision you make matters.
  • And plenty more for you to discover!

In particular, there are three major aspects of the demo that I’d like to draw attention to:

  1. Customizable stat distributions. I talked about the concept of Ambience in a previous post, but what I didn’t talk about much is how that influences gameplay. In Ambience your character has four stats, each one of which is linked to a particular Ambience. As you level up, you’ll earn points which you can “invest” in a particular stat/Ambience in the menu screen. This gives players the opportunity to create a character with an Ambience that’s anywhere from perfectly balanced to greatly skewed.

    Screen 005 2016-07-03 Stat Distribution
    Your stats are completely customizable from the Menu.
  2. Prison escapes. In Ambience you’re an escapee from a prison, established by the scientist Foss and guarded by his Henchmen. However, once you escape you’ll be on the run, and chances are you’ll encounter one of Foss’s Henchmen looking to recapture you. If they defeat you, they’ll take away all your items and drag you off to the prisons again. Which means you’ll have to escape. Again.
    The upside of this, however, is that you may come across some useful items in the Prison corridors that you can’t find anywhere else…
  3. Character interactions. Next time you’re around Vulcan (or any of the other Renegades), say hello to him. Try and be friendly. Ignore him when he loses his temper or says something stupid. Who knows? Perhaps your interactions may not go completely unforgotten.

I’ll post some updates here and on Twitter as the week goes by. Keep your eyes peeled!

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