Dev Diary #2: Menus, Music, and Magma

Hi everyone!

Study’s been a bit intense lately, so I haven’t had the time to work on Ambience as much as I would have liked. However there are a couple of things I decided to showcase anyway:

Firstly, the new menu system’s coming along slowly but surely, and so far it looks pretty good. I’ve pretty much finished the stats screen now, and for the first time, I’ve incorporated boosting stats without the need to use the mouse.

The new menu is, slowly but surely, taking form.
The new menu is, slowly but surely, taking form.

Secondly, I’ve been working on a few new compositions lately as well. Here’s one I recently completed: it plays when you’re exploring the Sun Guardian’s abode, Molten Crossing.

One interesting thing I’ve noticed about a lot of “hot”, magma- or lava-themed soundtracks in games is that they always have some sort of “deep buzzing instrument”, such as a synthesizer, to set the scene. In this case, I used an overdrive guitar. However, with this piece I was also aiming for a more adventurous, heroic feel, to remind the player that they have a mission to complete, rather than just that foreboding, you’re-descending-into-the-depths kind of impression.

Have a good second half of the week, everyone.

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