Dev Diary #3: Taking the Plunge

Hello everybody! Just thought I’d share what’s been happening in the life of Rhombus, and a few things that have been on my mind lately.

New sprites!

Firstly, if you’ve seen my last #screenshotsaturday post on Twitter, you might have seen that I’m working on replacing the circular sprites with full people-y sprites. Yes, that’s right – I’ve chosen to take the plunge.


So far I’ve done work on remaking several of the main characters – I’ve pretty much finished Zephyr and the vanilla prison guard, and am still working on Vulcan and Pontus. Here’s the new Zephyr:


What’s more, I’m also working on a completely new character… a brave and loyal soldier, but struggling through a deep existential crisis. Meet Ambience‘s new femme fatale, Clarissa:


I’m also working on a new battle theme just for her, which is coming along nicely. I might show you some progress on that in a later post.

Of course, this whole thing means that I’ll have to redo the mugshots for all the characters, which is a job for a bit later I think. Yes, it’s all a big job (as I’ve talked about previously), but I’ve figured it’s a job worth doing in the end.

And one more thing…

At the moment, study’s leading up to it’s big crescendo of assignments and final exams, so it’s getting hard to keep working on Ambience and share my progress. I’ve also noticed that I’ve started to spend more time keeping this blog than actually working on the game itself! While the blog’s great to have and I’m definitely not ditching it, it’s something I’d like to put on the backburner for a little while while I focus on my last bit of study for the year.

That being said, though, I’m not just disappearing into the void! I’ve still got some other posts I’ve already written that are waiting to be released. So my plan for the next month is to release a blog post once every two weeks, instead of weekly, and then I’ll be back in full force around mid-November. Feel free to check out my other posts in the meantime!

See you all around!

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