Dev Diary #10: Nearly One Year of Blogging!

Hello everyone!

Had my last exam today (hooray!) and I’m pretty exhausted, so this’ll be a real quick post before I have an early night. Three main things to say before I get off my soapbox:

  1. Over the next month or so I’ll be working on Ambience at pretty much full steam. That means cleaning up the storyline, tweaking the new crafting system, plenty of play-testing, and finally working on some of the graphics stuff I’ve been putting off due to study. One thing I did manage to get done before the break was make one of the areas deep in Foss’ Fortress look a lot nicer (though there’s still a bit of work to be done):
  2. In terms of planning, though, I’m not sure exactly what I’m hoping to achieve over the next few weeks I have off. Plans are good, of course, but right now I’m just hoping to make as much progress as I can towards making Ambience a finished game. (Or maybe I’m just tired and can’t be bothered making plans at the moment. Did I mention I’m exhausted?)
  3. It’s hard to believe I’ve been blogging for almost a year now (my first post was published on the 27th of June, 2016!) It’s also hard to believe how much Ambience has improved over that time. From this:
    Very circle. Much pixel.

    To this:

    (Yeah, okay, so the sand background and textbox arrow are the same as before, but pretty much everything else is new!)

    I’m thinking maybe next week I’ll compile some of my personal favourite “Gamedev Grievances” from the past year and relive those experiences (horrors?) once again to commemorate one year of blogging. Stay tuned!

Well, that’s pretty much all for the moment, though I’m sure there’ll be more to say once I start making some serious progress on Ambience again. Oh, actually, a quick bonus: I was fixing up one of the cutscenes this afternoon and unwittingly made Vulcan very dizzy. Or maybe that’s just Vulcan being Vulcan. I don’t know.

Vulcan, are you okay?

Take care, everyone. 🙂

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