Dev Diary #16: This Week At A Glance (Plus A Video!)

Here’s a quick glance at what I got up to this week with gamedev:

  • Updated dungeon appearances and colour palettes for several areas.
  • Updated sandstorm effect with some cool rolling clouds.
  • Implemented and tested some gameplay-relevant weather effects. I also tweaked the procedural generation algorithm for dungeons – can now generate rooms with central “pools” of water or sand, as seen here.
  • Gameplay re-balancing for both dungeons and bosses.
  • Finally, I started playing around with video capture to see if I could get some videos made of Ambience gameplay, rather than just silent GIFs. I’ve been working a fair bit on the game’s OST and have been looking to show it off for a while. However video export to Twitter always seems to result in poor quality so here y’all go, you can have this little clip instead… 🙂
A glimpse of the first boss encounter in Ambience. Complete with soundtrack!

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