Hey there!

My name’s Rhombus, I’m an indie game developer and composer with about 10 years’ experience in both. Currently I’m developing a turn-based rogue-lite called Ambience, for which the demo is available for download.

Be sure to check out my Devblog, Facebook and Twitter for news, updates, and GIFs. I post a new devblog post every Wednesday, and I’m also a regular on Twitter’s #screenshotsaturday.

About Ambience:

Ambience is a weather-warping, dungeon-crawling rogue-lite that revolves around the concept of “Ambience” – which manifests itself as the weather of every Environment and the personality of every Being. In Ambience, you’re fleeing from a prison established by the brilliant scientist Foss and guarded by his Henchmen. As you progress, you’ll make new allies, find out more about Foss’s true aims… and more often than not, simply focus on survival.

Software Used: I use GameMaker: Studio for game development and Melody Assistant for composing music.


  • Email: contact@rhombus-ragmuffin.com
  • Twitter: @RhombusGameDev