Ambience: Alpha Demo

Sun, and Wind. Rain, and Dust. These are the four Ambiences that define every Environment.

But not only that… all Beings have an Ambience, too. What is more, it is said that a Being with a particularly strong Ambience may be able to control its Environment. Such Beings are spoken of in the legends of old. But as far as we know, they are nothing more than legends.

As far as we know.

What if such a Being, or Beings, were to exist? Beings whose Ambience gave them the power of God? And what would they do with such untold power?
Use it to protect this world… or to destroy it?

Download the Alpha Demo for free here

  • Platform: PC
  • Size: 14 MB

Note: This is an Alpha release – meaning it’s a version from the early stages of  development. This is just a taster of what Ambience is all about and what the final game will be like. For more of my progress from here, make sure you check out the Devblog – there’s plenty to see over there!

If you’re interested, you can also check out the Ambience press kit for more info.

Screen 006 2016-07-03 Intro Movie