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June 26, 2016


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Rhombus Ragmuffin (or simply, Rhombus) is an independent game developer and composer with over 10 years experience in each. His current project is a rogue-lite called Ambience.


Early history: "The Man" (2006-2007)

Rhombus began game development with Game Maker in 2006. His first project was a simple dungeon crawler entitled The Man (2006), which involved navigating a yellow smiley face through dungeons while avoiding grey bouncing volleyballs. The series was continued with two sequels, The Man 2: Age of Destruction (2007) and The Man 3: Beacon of Hope (2007), both of which were platformer games.

Exploring Other Games and Genres (2008-2012)

"The Man" was followed by several other games made in the following years, which traversed a number of genres including RPGs, real-time strategy (RTS) games, and platformers. Inspired by classic RTS games including Age of Empires, Rhombus created Germ Wars (2009) for a school project. Blending aspects of the RTS and tower defense genres, Germ Wars involved producing and controlling white blood cells to defend the heart from bacterial infection.

After Germ Wars, Rhombus set to work creating a Pokemon fangame called Pokemon SkyBlue (2012), which was released as a beta on the now-archived GameMaker Community forums. While never intended for full monetization, this project provided a valuable learning experience, and some aspects of the turn-based battle system were also implemented several years later in Rhombus' current project, Ambience.

Recent Projects (2013-2015)

In 2013, Rhombus returned to "The Man" concept to produce The Man: Renegades (2013), which was also released on the GameMaker Community forums as a demo. The Man: Renegades returned to the series' roots by reinstating the dungeon crawler-style gameplay and the yellow protagonist. It also included several remastered themes originally composed for "The Man 3" back in 2007.

After a two-year break from game development, Rhombus also explored the 2D-fighter genre in a small game called Super Street Empires (2015). As a 2D-fighter, Super Street Empires was unconventional in that each player selected a team of three fighters and could switch between them during combat. Playable characters included Viking Berserkers, Berber spearmen, and Cuman cavalry archers.

Ambience (2015-Present)

In November 2015, Rhombus once again decided to return to the concept of "The Man", but this time with the intent of creating a finished, polished game. He also decided to remodel the focus of the series entirely to make the game unique and stand out from other dungeon crawlers. This resulted in the roguelite Ambience, which is currently under development. Inspiration for the gameplay came from the long-lived roguelike genre, with its procedural dungeon generation and "permadeath" mechanics. These were combined with other mechanics to still allow story progression as in traditional RPGs, while still maintaining the excitement and lasting consequences of actions prominent in roguelikes.

Ambience will also feature a full soundtrack, combining new themes and leitmotifs with remastered themes from "The Man 3" and "The Man: Renegades". The game will also include several references to both "The Man: Renegades" published on the GameMaker Community forums and the original "The Man" released in 2006.

A demo for Ambience is due for release in July 2016.



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